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Main activity of our company is wholesale of meat products, realised according to customers orders, in close cooperation with poultry and pork abattoirs.

Our team

Since the very beginning of our companies we have been striving to render the highest quality of our products and have been working to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our companies guarantee the best and invariable quality. We always offer the best poultry, pork and beef products manufactured with observation of all necessary procedures.

We know how important is our client's trust. Therefore in our co-operation with numerous meat processing plants, we always ensure that products offered by us - both of domestic and foreign origin - be characterised by high quality and good price.

Aiming at development of our companies, we always follow the needs of our clients.

We constantly develop our activities, extending it by other types of products, such as frozen vegetables and fruits. We hope that your expectations towards us are high - at least as high as our goals that we strive to achieve.

Piotr Łukaszek

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sales department

Since 1996 we guarantee the best and invariable quality.
We offer only the best merchandise, produced with observation of all necessary procedures.