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Main activity of our company
is wholesale of meat products, realised according to
customers orders, in close cooperation with poultry and pork abattoirs.

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Main activity of our company is wholesale of meat products, realised according to customers' orders, in close co-operation with poultry and pork abattoirs. From the moment of Poland's accession to the European Union, in our companies we have been recording an increase in sale of poultry elements. They have become highly popular in EU Member States, as well as in Vietnam, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana, or Benin.

The quality of Polish poultry products has been confirmed by Americans, who are well-known lovers of turkey and chicken meat. They also agree with the opinion that our products are one of the best in the whole world, due to the natural breeding, high quality and competitive prices. In our offer you may find carefully selected products, which may constitute important and tasty element of your diet.

High expectations are obliging, therefore we strive for confirmation of our market reliability, and therefore we have created a capital group dealing with
domestic and international trade.

Furthermore, we are currently preparing long-term strategies basing on market research and trends. We provide our clients with professional advice and support based on our experience, advertising and broadly understood commercial activities.

We constantly develop our activities, extending it by other types of products, such as frozen vegetables and fruits. We hope that your expectations towards us are high - at least as high as our goals that we strive to achieve.

We believe that you will join the group of our satisfied clients.

Since 1996 we guarantee the best and invariable quality.
Our company have received numerous certificates and won many awards.